Different Types of Garage Shelving and Their Uses

PLM-1RThere’s nothing miserable than realizing that you aren’t left with enough space in your garage to park your car. Nonetheless, there’s still hope. Firstly, you need to de-clutter your garage by tossing the crap, and then buy proper storage solutions to keep all of those awkward tools, sporting goods and cleaning supplies, which doesn’t perfectly fit at any other place than garage. Below are discussed a few  types of garage shelves that are flexible and functional, and will do the job of organizing your messy garages in no time.

Metal Shelves
Metal shelves can give you the utmost durability and strength for storing heavy tools, gallon paint cans, and car parts. Metal garage shelving are however more expensive, but much effective than wood shelves. Metal shelves are the best choice to consider for heavy items and non-customizable situations.

Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are one of the great options for storing items like paint cans, and parts bins. They are usually in a mesh pattern with holes and spaces, between the small metal rods that create the shelf itself.

Adjustable Rail Shelves
These shelves are generally made of metals, so storing large, bulky items such as tabletop woodworking tools, car accessories, etc. is made more convenient. They are affixed with a system of hangers, providing them enough liberty to move, rearrange, and reposition them as per the size of the items you are planning to store.

Shelves can be built in any space, and are available in a variety of dimensions and sizes as well. These shelves usually come in square, round, curved or rectangular shapes. If you’re looking for garage storage and organization solutions, then reach out to GarageCabinetsOnline.com for buying premium quality garage shelving and other garage accessories at a decent price.