FlowWall Cabinets: One of the Best for Maintaining Cleanliness in Garages

6-pieceElevate the cleanliness level of your garage to a level unheard of using the state-of-the-art FlowWall Cabinets. These garage cabinets are fully-featured which allows them to convert their combined modular panels into an adaptable organization system. The most alluring and important aspect of these cabinets is that they possess the ability to add adaptability to your ever-changing lifestyle and storage requirements. The FlowWall cabinets have certain advantages over other garage cabinets such as being lightweight and having features of changing a wall into customized storage solution with the flow wall. Below are discussed some of the models of FlowWall Cabinets:

FlowWall 2 Wall/ 2 Base Cabinet Set

The FlowWall Panel set provides universal storage to clear items off the floor so that you can easily access tools and equipment while working in your garage.

Flow Wall 3 Cabinet Set w/ Wall Panel

The Flow Wall 3 Cabinet Set w/ Wall Panel is an intelligently designed cabinet which acts as the perfect storage solution for the garage, home office, utility room, or general home improvement.

Flow Wall Dual Wall Cabinet and Jumbo Bin Starter Pack

The Flow Wall patented “Click and Stick” snap/friction locking system keep your hooks securely in place when removing objects that have been hung, stored and organized.

Flow Wall Jumbo Cabinet

The metal spreader bar and cleat system allow the Flow Wall Jumbo Cabinet to be safely and securely mounted to the wall panel.

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