Top 5 Benefits of Buying a Workbench


Efficiency is important for any and all businesses, no matter the type of work. Efficiency can keep daily operations smooth, easy and pleasant for all. If you work in an industrial environment, there are a number of different things you can do to strengthen overall efficiency.

Workbenches are a very effective way to increase efficiency in any work place. The addition of workbenches can improve your day-to-day operations in many ways. These workbenches are more than just strong and sturdy. They can make your work setting substantially more fruitful and productive.

Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Workbench

1. High Weight Capacity
2. Durable
3. Ergonomic Design
4. Add Spare Space
5. Add Extra Strength

1. High Weight Capacity

Industrial heavy duty workbenches are designed to hold up to 750kg. As you will work with heavy equipment and parts that might damage or even break the surface on which you might be working.

With workbenches you won’t occur such problem. They are made to withstand all the heavy duty tools and machines that you use on a daily basis.

2. Durable

The reason why many businesses opt for these workbenches is that they can withstand operational rigors. The work surface of these benches is made of thick particle board and melamine resin.

Melamine that actually makes these heavy duty workbenches resistant to chemicals (organic solvents, alcohol, petrol) and hot objects.

3. Ergonomic Design

The design of the workbench plays a great role in the productivity as well. The risk of developing strain-related injuries runs pretty high, if workers need to bend over the workbench all the time.
For that matter, workbenches are designed to adjust according to user’s height and personal preferences.

4. Add Spare Space

Workbenches can give a place access to spare space. If you feel that you need more space in your workplace or home, you can add a workbench to your home.
Workbenches also contain specifically designed places for tools, that way you can clear more space on the floor.

5. Add Extra Strength

Workbenches have the ability to tolerate many diverse operational stresses. They can tolerate a lot of use day in and day out. It can be for warehouses that are busy every day.

It doesn’t matter if you need workbenches that are suitable for particularly heavy and large objects, either. Industrial workbenches can generally manage them with full ease.

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Best Storage Tips to Store Holiday Decorations

Nothing gets people in the holiday spirit than putting up holiday decorations ranging from flags and bunting for the 4th of July or Santa and snowmen for Christmas. Unless you store them properly, you might find them damaged or broken in next festive season.
Using the garage is one of the best places to store holiday items. This keeps them within reach all year round while not taking up valuable closet and cabinet space inside. Many homes already have some type of built-in shelving or cabinetry solutions already.

Best Storage Tips to Organize Holiday Decorations

1. Don’t Use Cardboard Boxes
2. Color Coded Plastic Bins or Stickers
3. Secure Storage
4. Labelling
5. Arrange

1. Don’t Use Cardboard Boxes

Many people keep their decorations in cardboard boxes. Although this is a popular practice, it’s not ideal. Cardboard boxes do nothing to protect your decorations from pests, rodents and the elements.
They’re also susceptible to collapsing or ripping and will not stand the test of time. Plastic containers are a better choice for organizing and storing your decorations in the garage.

2. Color Coded Plastic Bins or Stickers

Plastic containers also make it possible for you to color code your decorations by holiday. You can use a different color and size box for each holiday.
For example, you can use Red for Valentine’s Day, Green for St. Patrick’s Day, Dark Blue for 4th of July Decorations, Orange for Halloween / Fall Decorations and many more.

3. Secure Storage

When placing your items into larger plastic boxes, be sure to take precautions to keep delicate items safe. Small round glass ornaments can be placed in egg cartons for safekeeping before placing in a larger bin. Specialized divided ornament keepers are also available at craft stores.

Larger delicate decorations can be wrapped in several layers of packaging paper, followed by a layer of bubble wrap. Newspaper should be placed carefully between them to keep them from shifting inside the larger box.

4. Labelling

Once everything is protected and placed in the appropriate color box, make a list of each box’s contents. You’ll want to stick the list on at least 2 sides of the box as well as the lid.

After affixing the list to the box, cover the list with a layer of clear movers tape for protection.

5. Arrange

After all your boxes are packed and labeled, determine the best place for them in the garage. It’s important to designate a specific area in your garage for all of your decorations.

You can arrange the color-coded boxes by the order in which the holidays occur.

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Workbench

img150959_hrWorkbenches are one of the most important tools to have in the garage especially if you work with wood. A good workbench can serve as a safe, sturdy, efficient workspace no matter what your level of skill and is required in a number of projects. A workbench provides you with not only a top to work on but also a storage space for tools and more. Here are some things you should consider when buying a workbench:

1. Type:  There are many types of workbenches available in market for you to choose from. Garage workbenches are the most common and are perfect for home-repair and small carpentry projects. Other types of workbenches include industrial, electronic and portable.
2. Size:  Make sure that you have measured the space in which you will be placing the workbench. This will determine the size of the workbench you should get. Workbenches can range from two feet to 10 feet in width, so you need to measure the space and choose carefully.

3. The Top:  Top of a work bench is one of the most important things to look for, in a workbench. You should make sure that the top of the workbench allows you enough space to do your work. Having enough space provides you with excellent flexibility and convenience.

4. Surface Material: You should choose the surface material for workbench depending on you work, you will be doing on the workbench. Some of the common materials used for the surface include Particleboard, Wood, Plastic/Laminate, Steel and more.

5. Storage Space: Most of the workbenches nowadays come with extra storage space. You should look for its capacity and choose on what things you want to keep in it. If you don’t require storage space, you can buy it without shelf.

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GarageCabinetsOnline.com Offers Garage Workbenches Providing a Stable Surface to Work On

img150959_hrOne of the America’s leading suppliers of garage cabinets, GarageCabinetsOnline.com offers Garage workbenches that provide flat surface to work on. The strong and durable workbenches provide an attractive workplace to do all the manual work. The workbenches require little to no maintenance and also have a built-in storage space for tools and accessories. Many materials are used in the manufacturing of workbenches such as such as laminate, maple butcher block, 16-gauge steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many more. Available in various shapes, sizes and designs, the company offers workbenches from brands such as Little Giant, Ulti-MATE, Trinity and various others. Some of the workbenches offered by the company include Little Giant Extra Heavy Duty 7 Gauge Mobile Table, Little Giant Heavy Duty Machine Table and more.

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About GarageCabinetsOnline.com

GarageCabinetsOnline.com welcomes people interested in an outstanding garage to combine and match garage cabinets, work benches, tool cardboard boxes, shelving, carts, hooks and much more, or to find whole garage storage space methods. Don’t forget to make use of ceilings with overhead storage space. They have opted for products from each manufacturer for their quality and reputation, and know from their experience that each maker will stand behind their warranty. But their leading crucial everyday focus is the satisfaction of their customers. Whether for a career or a pastime, they make sure their customers obtain an exquisitely created storage.

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5 Best ways To Organize Your Garage

img150959_hrIt’s essential for people to keep the garage clean, so that everything is in place when you need it. Many people think garage organization is quite difficult; however, when done properly it’s quite easy. You can do many things to utilize the space that you can gain from proper garage organization. Here are some garage organization accessories that can help you organize your garage:

1. Wall Shelves: Wall Shelves are a great addition to a garage. The shelves are inexpensive and easy to use and install. Shelves can be used to store paint pots, tools, tape and many other items to gain more space. You should not store things on shelves that need protection from airborne dust.

2. Overhead Storage: You can line up the circumference of your garage with overhead storage. You can use bins marked with labels to help identify the contents. The bins can be used to store any kinds of items you want.

3. Garage Cabinets: Garage Cabinets can be used to store anything ranging from day to day items or rarely used items. Nowadays, cabinets are available in both sizes, big and small, and are usually used to store tools. Some of the cabinets available in the market are equipped with wheels, so that they’re easily movable.

4. Workbenches: Workbenches are one of the best options available when it comes to garage usage. Not only do they provide a great surface to work with, but also provide storage for tools and other things as well. Like garage cabinets, many workbenches are also available with wheels, so you can push it to the side when not in use.

5. Corner Shelves: By installing shelves in the corners, you can create more in your Garage. Corner shelves can be used to store a variety of tools and items.

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5 Garage Safety Tips Everyone Should Follow

6-pieceGarage is one of the messiest place the home. It can turn very dangerous if not maintained properly. People often store several things in the garage that could prove to be dangerous over time. Firstly, garages are used to store many substances that can cause fire. Secondly, tools and other sharp items can cause harm to anyone in case of mishandling. One of the biggest garage safety issues is the amount of stuff stored in a garage without proper organization. Here are some garage safety tips that everyone should follow:

1. Garage Organization: A typical garage containing heavy and sharp objects can cause severe injuries to anyone due to lack of organization. Unorganized garages can create tripping hazards, and poor storage can cause items to fall on a person that may cause injuries. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to organize their garages.

2. Fire Prevention: It has been noticed that fire breaks out in the most homes begin from the garages since many people store flammable items in their garages. If your store flammable materials in your garage, you should keep them in small quantities and separate from electrical appliances. It is also advisable to install smoke detectors in the garage as well as fire extinguishers.

3. Protection from Natural Disasters: Natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes can wreak havoc upon a house and garage door is an easy target, as it is not as strong as other parts of the home. People should ensure that the garage door is not made out of lightweight materials and check for a sticker from a recognized agency.

4. Theft Protection: In addition to garage’s own hazards, it may also provide a security threat to the house it’s attached to. Garage may contain valuables and provide access to the home it’s attached to. That’s why people should always keep garage door as well as the door connecting garage to the home always closed. It’s also advised to install security cameras in and around the garage.

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What to Consider When Buying Garage Cabinets?

50210When floor clutter starts limiting your garage’s functionality, you should consider garage cabinets. Adding garage cabinets is most effective solution to get your garage space organized. Garages cabinets are designed to accommodate a range of products depending upon their size and sturdiness. There are garage cabinets which are extremely strong, easy to install and reconfigure, and they also keep stored items visible. With the availability of so many brands and types of garage cabinets, you might get confused on your decision. However, with these few tips, you can easily choose the right garage cabinet for your garage:

What’s your budget?

Budget is one of the prevalent factors to determine what type and quality of garage cabinets you’ll buy. So, when it comes to purchasing garage cabinets, you should define your budget. It is great to stay within your budget, but you should also avoid choosing cabinets that are really cheap in the market.

Customization Options

If creating a personalized garage space, it should be in your priority list. The ability to customize your garage cabinets gives you significant flexibility to create a dream cabinet system within your budget.


Garage cabinets come in a variety of materials including vinyl, metal, plastic, and wood. There are many other homeowners who go for a garage cabinet that imparts both durability as well as looks, while requiring little to none maintenance. However, you should choose the one that matches your storing needs effectively.


Determining what size of storage system will work best in your garage is one of the critical factors on buying process. There are many garage cabinet brands who manufacture garage cabinets for a specific type of storage. So, you must choose a garage cabinet that meets your needs precisely.


Your garage cabinet must be designed in such a way that allows easy accessibility to stored products. So, when it comes to accessibility, design of garage cabinets is important to consider.

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Overhead Garage Storage Systems: An Ideal Solution for Getting Your Things Off the Floor

6-pieceGarage is the only place where you can organize and dump your unused items, work equipment and off season belongings. Not just this, many homeowners also use their garage as a parking space. Over time, you will notice that your garage has become messy and unorganized. Most of the garage owners have a problem of keeping their garage organized for a long time. If you are also going through this, you need to get garage organization accessories. With proper garage organization and storage products, you will able to create extra storage space in your garage. These days, market has a plenty of garage storage accessories that help homeowners to organize their garage efficiently.

With numerous options out there, overhead garage storage units are a good way to get your garage organized. The overhead garage storage units help homeowners in keeping their garage floor area clean and manageable. These units can be used to store luggage, holiday decorations, boxes, equipment, books and other bulky items, which consume more space in your garage. These storage solutions come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, and have ample space for storing large varieties of items. If you’re looking to buy overhead garage storage units for your garage, you can explore a wide range being offered at GarageCabinetsOnline.com.

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Storage Bins: The Perfect Storage Solution for Your Home, Office, Warehouse or Garage

6-pieceStorage Bins are innovative storage options for people who require the perfect storage solutions in their home, office, warehouse or garage. These durable storage bins assist you in keeping your place clean and manageable. These storage bins are extremely affordable and can also be used in numerous places such as material trading plants, retail stores, schools, and for a number of household activities. The bins create a sufficiently large storage area for you to make your space appear organized and neat.

If you want to purchase these storage bins, you must visit GarageCabinetsOnline.com. Some models of the popular storage bins in their collection are described below:

Homak 8” Portable Parts Organizer

The Homak 8” Portable Parts Organizer comprises 5 removable compartments. It is also equipped with a convenient carrying handle which makes this storage bin great for storing fishing lures or hardware. It is painted with high visibility color to support outdoor usage.

Homak Plastic Double Sided Organizer

The Homak Plastic Double Sided Organizer has a double-sided design that creates twice the storage for you. It comprises of 12 permanent compartments with 30 adjustable dividers and the sides open independently from one another.

Trinity Double Sided Bin Rack with Casters

The Trinity Double Sided Bin Rack with Casters is basically steel rack structure with a protective powder coated finish. It is dual sided and has a matte black finish along with color-coded drawers for easy storage. The rack comprises 64 orange bins and 30 gray bins. It has a total weight capacity of 330 lbs. It also includes 3” swivel casters.

Craftline PL-32BP Plastic 32 Compartment Tray

The Craftline PL-32BP Plastic 32 Compartment Tray is made of plastic and comprise of double locking hatches along with a handle, with a comfortable grip, which makes this storage bin perfect and ideal for moving from one place to another.

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FlowWall Cabinets: One of the Best for Maintaining Cleanliness in Garages

6-pieceElevate the cleanliness level of your garage to a level unheard of using the state-of-the-art FlowWall Cabinets. These garage cabinets are fully-featured which allows them to convert their combined modular panels into an adaptable organization system. The most alluring and important aspect of these cabinets is that they possess the ability to add adaptability to your ever-changing lifestyle and storage requirements. The FlowWall cabinets have certain advantages over other garage cabinets such as being lightweight and having features of changing a wall into customized storage solution with the flow wall. Below are discussed some of the models of FlowWall Cabinets:

FlowWall 2 Wall/ 2 Base Cabinet Set

The FlowWall Panel set provides universal storage to clear items off the floor so that you can easily access tools and equipment while working in your garage.

Flow Wall 3 Cabinet Set w/ Wall Panel

The Flow Wall 3 Cabinet Set w/ Wall Panel is an intelligently designed cabinet which acts as the perfect storage solution for the garage, home office, utility room, or general home improvement.

Flow Wall Dual Wall Cabinet and Jumbo Bin Starter Pack

The Flow Wall patented “Click and Stick” snap/friction locking system keep your hooks securely in place when removing objects that have been hung, stored and organized.

Flow Wall Jumbo Cabinet

The metal spreader bar and cleat system allow the Flow Wall Jumbo Cabinet to be safely and securely mounted to the wall panel.

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